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WPAA is an application designed by Florida's Bureau of Labor Market Statistics to assist workforce regions retrieve Florida job and wage data for your area.

To access your desired data, first specify your geographic area of interest. To do this, simply hover your mouse pointer over the Select Area option in the menu seen on the left. Two options will become available to you in the menu pop-up: Statewide and Workforce Region. Select Statewide if you are interested in Florida statewide data. If you are interested in a specific workforce region, select the Workforce Region option. If you selected the Workforce Region option you will be redirected to a map of the regions. Once there, select the region you are interested in by clicking in that area on the map.

Now that an area has been selected, you may select your question. Questions have been organized into two categories, Employers and Job Seekers. To assist employers choose your question from the Employers category found in the pop-up on the left. To assist job seekers choose from the Job Seekers category.

Once an area and a question has been selected, the dynamic data will be displayed. If at anytime you wish to change the area or question, you may do so by selecting from the menu on the left.

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