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Jobs declining in Florida

Job Title Annual     
Growth Rate
Electronic Equipment Installers and Repairers, Mot-4.75%
Telephone Operators -3.92%
Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors, and Proce-3.57%
Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Service-3.11%
Communications Equipment Operators -3.05%
Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machin-2.66%
Postal Service Mail Carriers -2.54%
Postal Service Clerks -2.54%
Postmasters and Mail Superintendents -2.53%
Desktop Publishers -2.44%
Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Setters, -1.99%
Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators,-1.90%
Watch Repairers -1.81%
Milling and Planing Machine Setters, Operators, an-1.75%
Prepress Technicians and Workers-1.71%
Fallers -1.69%
Extruding and Drawing Machine Setters, Operators, -1.67%
Lay-Out Workers, Metal and Plastic -1.63%
Motion Picture Projectionists -1.62%
Computer Operators -1.61%

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Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity - Bureau of Labor Market Statistics
Occupational Projection Data 2016-2024
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Career Source Florida